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Location, Elevation, Variety, Process: Seasonal - with an emphasis on crisp, exciting, refreshing coffee!

What we like about this Subscription: A nice portion of our seasonal menu is dedicated to those coffees that keep us inspired and refreshed, the type of coffee you want to take on an afternoon hike, or sip while working in the garden. These coffees possess crisp and delicate qualities, tend to be light and refreshing in body, while still having lots of sweetness and intensity of flavor. This subscription is designed to take a seasonal approach to giving you access to these coffees at home. 

How it works: You sign up, and give us your preferred bag size & frequency. We curate (at your specified frequency) coffees from our menu that fit your desire for the crisp, refreshing side of coffee. 

We ship twice a week - Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Orders must be received by midnight (PT) Sunday to ship Tuesday,
and by midnight (PT) Tuesday to ship Thursday.