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Rwanda Grand Cru

Rwanda Grand Cru

This Rwandan coffee marks the debut of our Grand Cru series, and we couldn't have chosen a more fitting start.  With its distinct flavor profile full of complex sweetness with Chocolate Covered Raisin undertone and Red Fruit notes, all wrapped up in a Succulent Body, this coffee is truly remarkable. Hailing from the Nyamasheke region of Rwanda, this coffee is cultivated at a washing station nestled amidst a pristine national forest and benefiting from a distinct microclimate that consistently yields late yet exceptional harvests year after year.  We are incredibly excited and honored to roast this natural process coffee for you. Be sure to read our Roasting Teams journal entry below to learn more about this coffees profile. Enjoy!

Location: Nyamasheke

Elevation: 1800-2100 masl

Variety: Bourbon

Process: Natural

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The Good Coffee roasting team is incredibly excited to mark the launch of our Grand Cru line of coffees with this very special Rwandan separation from the Kanzu Mill. This coffee was set aside by Kanzu Mill and processed as a ‘natural’ coffee - meaning that the coffee bean is initially dried inside the coffee cherry before being removed and milled. This process is incredibly involved and time intensive. 

The first thing that stood out to us when we received the green coffee was how clean and consistent the natural process was. This is very hard to achieve with a naturally processed coffee. The smell of the green coffee was fragrant with fruit, but without any hint of over-ferment. Upon roasting the coffee for the first time we discovered the experience in the cup to be incredibly rich and sweet. However, we needed to problem solve properly developing the fruit qualities of this coffee. It took us 3 more experimental roasts to finally get the overall experience of this coffee to a place where the rich, sweet qualities of the cup are a foundational aspect, and the fruit is presented as both juicy and round. Our team is incredibly grateful to be able to roast this 3 bag lot of coffee for you. Enjoy! 

- The Good Coffee Roasting Team -