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Location: Agaro 

Elevation: 1900 - 2200 masl

Variety: Ethiopia Landraces 

Process: Washed

What we like about this coffee: We're very excited to release (a harvest year fresher) what has been another  area of special focus for us (Agaro) when it comes to our Ethiopian coffee menu.  Nano Genji is the sibling mill to Nano Challa - a mill we were purchasing from in our early years of roasting coffee. The launch of Nano Genji and the exquisite quality of coffee coming out of Western Ethiopia from this mill has been incredible in every way. With qualities of citrus and toffee, all delivered with a round body and dense sweetness - we feel privileged to source and roast this coffee for you and your enjoyment! 

Ethiopia Nano Genji
Ethiopia Nano Genji

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