What's To Come - 2022 and Beyond

What's To Come - 2022 and Beyond

December is a month where things are in full swing at Good Coffee. As a team we love this season and being able to offer small moments of delight to those on a journey through the holidays. We’ve always considered serving you a privilege, especially during seasons where there is extra time spent with those you hold close. We love showing up to this work and the focus required to ensure our moments together are something special.

As the new year approaches we have one eye on today and the other on the new year ahead. We want to message you about a trend that has been picking up speed in our industry for the better part of a year now. While the inputs are a complex collision of supply shortage and rising shipping expenses, the outcome is a significant increase in raw costs for green coffee. As a result we will be raising prices in the new year and we wanted to give you some insight into how we think about these decisions. 



We’ve always been committed to building a sustainable approach to making sure you have access to the best coffee in the world, while allowing us to work with growers in a way where we are guaranteeing them the highest prices in the industry for their product. It’s this approach - bringing value to consumers while paying significant premiums to growers that we believe puts our industry of super premium coffee (and all those who depend on work throughout the supply chain) in the best position for longevity.

On Jan 1, 2022 we will be raising prices across our portfolio - cup prices and wholebean prices. This will not only bring us in line with our competitors but it will be targeted to deal with the rising costs we’ve sustained (and will continue to sustain) to our largest cost of goods item - coffee. We don’t take the role we play between consumer and grower lightly and will continue to look for the intersection of value and quality for our guests (you), while ensuring we remain positioned to participate at a global level with the producers who are supplying the coffees we’ve all fallen in love with.

We are grateful as always to serve you.

- The Good Team

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