An End of Year Note

An End of Year Note

As we look forward to the new year (2023), we wanted to first take some time to rewind and say THANK YOU for all the ways we were able to cross paths with you in the year we just came through. A full year always brings so many adventures and lessons - our journey with Good Coffee in 2022 was no different.

When it comes to making coffee for you in our stores, we continue to have a deep passion for getting better at our craft in order to more skillfully and graciously host you across our spaces. Getting to work with a team of amazing people where we strive to serve each other better each day, and then being allowed (as a result) to extend that hospitality to our guests has been a true privilege this year.  

When it comes to sourcing and roasting coffee we have been immensely grateful to have another year on the books of working with coffee producers completely committed to farming coffee of the utmost quality. As challenging as it was, we were able to find ways to pay incredible premiums for the coffee we roasted and we feel absolutely fortunate that we have been allowed to bring these beautiful coffees to the cups of our PNW guests and subscription friends all over the country. Our partnerships with importers who are transparent and long-term oriented, in combination with the connection we have with you, who value highest quality, is a big reason why this is possible.



We will forever be grateful for this last year and look forward with anticipation to another year of using coffee as a way to work well, explore, host and connect with all the special people who make up the community we feel fortunate to serve.

- The Good Team

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