The Artists Series

The Artists Series

Good Coffee tote bag and tumbler

If you’ve happened upon our Good Thesis, you might remember some words we shared about how we think about products. We believe creating intentional products allows us take an interest in people, and use product as a vehicle for creating delight. People’s tastes, inclinations and nuances can often be expressed in the products they are drawn to. This expression of our humanness is something we love.

Product, at its best, should also be a connection point between the maker and the user — a place of agreement. This point of connection should facilitate shared story telling, where the maker / artist and the user are able to celebrate the shared values of the product at hand, the maker’s journey to towards better craftsmanship and the user’s journey towards finding satisfaction, delight and self discovery in the product at hand.


We launched the Artist series to foster this point of connection between makers and users. Art is something we know to be intrinsically valuable and human, but it can be illusive when we try to interact with it. The artist series was envisioned to create connection and dialogue. A place where we could create communion (through product) by connecting the maker’s story with the users values.

We’re proud to release the first artists in the GOOD Artist series, and share their stories. Kylee Logan was commissioned to create a tote for Good Coffee, and Dan Purvis worked to create a personal cup. Their stories are special. Every time a guest buys a tote (or mug) from one of our cafes, or our website, a special card telling them about Dan and Kylee comes with. We couldn’t be more excited to allow our guests, through their own unique preferences for product, to connect with artists we love for many years to come.


Kylee outside Good Coffee Slabtown

Kylee Logan is a hand lettering designer based in Portland, OR, originally from Provo, UT and also a barista here at Good Coffee! She first started hand lettering in middle school by doodling band logos. It expanded into drawing her own letters as quotes and lyrics, and really took off in college when she decided to sell prints and realized people were interested in her work. From there, she began making logos for friends’ business, and the rest is history! We couldn’t be more delighted that Kylee is the artist designing our GOOD totes.


Dan Clinton holding Good Coffee Tumbler

Dan Clinton builds experiences through visual storytelling. He uses illustration to create new ways to tell the story of brands, envision the beauty and detail of the word, and communicate an authentic feel to visual identities. He is a Portland, OR native and can be seen about town drinking tea and enjoying life with friends and family. His illustrations can be enjoyed along with taking a sip of something delicious out of our Miir travel tumblers.

Whether its new pieces of merchandise, or the continued featuring of artists and makers in our cafes, product through the lens of the stories told by those behind the product will remain the driving inspiration behind what we at GOOD want to partake in. The Artist Series will be ever evolving and we’re eager to keep finding ways to support the thriving community of artisans that make Portland what it is.

By Alexander Pierpoint & Sam Purvis

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