A New Chapter for Common Good

A New Chapter for Common Good


We’re incredibly excited to loop you in on the new chapter of a project (COMMON GOOD) that has long been a special way for us to engage and support great work in the communities we serve. 

Common Good started as a coffee blend project centered in supporting and highlighting meaningful community work. The approach was simple. Find an organization doing great work in our community. Design a coffee blend / coffee packaging experience highlighting their story and getting people connected to their work. Donate 20% of the proceeds of the Common Good Blend to support the organization on feature. 

Previously our cadence was working with a single organization every 6 months. After getting to know a number of incredible organizations over the last 2 years we realized we wanted a long term partnership with these organizations, giving our team the opportunity to support their work indefinitely. As a result we set up a format to feature 3 selected organizations all year round, for years and years and years to come. 



The organizations we’ve chosen inspire us to no end and are doing incredible work with kids here in the Pacific Northwest. Through academics, equity, advocacy, and art these organizations are truly cultivating the next generation of confident, creative, and compassionate leaders. This week we will release (in our stores and on our site) both KairosPDX and Open School. The third organization, Caldera Arts, will be released shortly as we work to finish up their custom packaging. 

As always, 20% of the proceeds will go directly to support these organizations. Be sure to check out their work, get involved, and look to support by diving into the features on our blog (linked above), or jumping directly to their websites.

We’re grateful to these organizations for the work they do, for inviting us into their story and for each of you who show us daily through conversations in our stores and notes in our inboxes that great work is alive, the impacts are meaningful and the tide created by all the small ways we each choose to give to those around us is changing the balance of our communities for good. 

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