A Good Word - Thesis

A Good Word - Thesis

At GOOD, we have always been extremely curious about the collision that occurs when people come together to consume delicious product, in an inspiring environment, as part of a hosted experience built on the deep value of relating with others. Over the years of hosting the space where people, product and place collide — we’ve been privy to the beautiful stories that are made, lived, and experienced at this intersection.

Naturally, feeling the most comfortable (& inspired) when we’re standing in the middle of people, product & place — as a group we’ve challenged each other to think a lot about what these three words really mean to us.

Baristas at Good Coffee Portland


People are beautiful and uniquely valuable. Sharing this life, this everyday experience with people, is something our team at GOOD has found to be one of the most worthwhile endeavors. This simple truth is what makes working (together) at this intersection so special for us. It’s also the truth which drives the ‘why’ behind our calling to host this intersection.

Customer with tea at Good Coffee Portland


The ability to find pleasure in consuming good things, and how custom and articulated each of our tastes are, is something very unique to humanity. At GOOD creating product for the sake of pleasure, and offering it to other people, is one of our greatest callings. We talk about this in terms of ‘creating delight for people.’ People are uniquely deserving of delight. When we take product seriously, and use product to create delight for others, we’re giving people access to a very special piece of their humanity.

Interior of Good Coffee Portland


Places are where we go to find inspiration. Places are where we make memories. Place are the shelters we use to carve out space to enjoy life with people we love. Place is the third piece in the puzzle. When combined with people, and delicious product, place (in our context - coffee bars) is where all these things collide, and people live their story.


Narrative is one of our most powerful landscapes we experience as humans. Stories help us make sense of our world. We use them to express our longings. We use them to make sense of our pain. We use them to connect with other people. It’s the stories we’ve seen when hosting this intersection of people, product & place that’s given us the most joy since starting our work at GOOD in 2014.

We started this blog (A GOOD WORD) as a small window into the stories that have been created at this intersection: Some of these stories speak to the journey our team has been on over the years. Some of these stories speak to the journey other great people (at this intersection) have been on. We hope you are encouraged by these stories, as you continue to create & live your own.

By Sam Purvis & Alexander Pierpoint

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