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Mexico La Victoria 5 lb.

Mexico La Victoria 5 lb.

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Location: Oaxaca

Elevation: 1800 - 2000 masl

Variety: Pluma Hidalgo

Process: Washed

What we like about this coffee: Each year we anticipate fresh arrivals from Oaxaca, Mexico as we’ve absolutely fallen in love with these coffees. La Victoria comes from a very remote growing community with roughly 180 members who, year after year, continue to make improvements to the beautifully grown coffee in this small area. With cup qualities of dried fruit, milk chocolate and an amazingly smooth mouthfeel, this coffee (our first of two fresh crop releases from Oaxaca) reminds us of why we get so excited for coffee from this region. Enjoy this coffee in 5 lb. increments at a discounted price!

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