KairosPDX Blend

KairosPDX Blend


Location: 50% Colombia & 50% Mexico

Process: Washed

What we like about this coffee: This is the first blend that will live under the umbrella blend series we've called 'COMMON GOOD.' Each Common Good Blend is designed to tell the story of a Portland based organization doing great work for our city. We couldn't be more excited to seed this project with KairosPDX. We worked with Kairos' student body to choose a blend consisting of Colombian and Mexican coffees. A rich coffee experience, with lots of juicy qualities - this blend was made for early mornings and good conversations. 

20% of the proceeds of this blend will go to support Kairos directly, and the packaging is custom designed to get you connected with their story!

We ship twice a week - Mondays and Thursdays.

Orders must be received by midnight (PT) Tuesday to ship Thursday, and by midnight (PT) Saturday to ship Monday.

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