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Location: Oaxaca

Elevation: 1500 - 2200 masl

Variety: Typica, Bourbon, Pluma & Mundo Novo

Process: Washed

What we like about this coffee: The San Pedro Yosotatu is our next release in a series of lots we bring in each year from this incredible region in Oaxaca. This is our fourth year purchasing from the Yosotatu group (comprised of roughly 40 family members & neighbors.) We love this coffee. The Yosotatu group is headed up by Madelina Lopez who does an amazing job ensuring quality year over year.  This coffee is sweet, has a complex spiced quality and a deliciously smooth body. We are thrilled every time we get the chance to drink this coffee and feel honored to roast it for you. Enjoy!  

Mexico San Pedro Yosotatu
Mexico San Pedro Yosotatu

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